FF Wonderland Collection Event, Powerful Tips for Getting Bundles

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Event FF Wonderland

Event FF Wonderland Collection – In your opinion, Garena is one of the developers who is very creative in managing their games, one of the popular games, Free Fire, has now been updated for its version. In this version, Garena added a character named Kelly, suddenly gamers were curious to use it.

In addition to adding characters, Garena also prepares events that are no less interesting than the next game event. The theme for this event is called Wonderland Collection. Regarding the prizes, you can get Bundle Bunny and much more.

This game developed by 111Studios often provides interesting events, such as in the previous event, namely the wonderland party event that requires diamonds to spin, the sukro event where you can get redeem codes that can be exchanged for free skins and many more. other events.

Before we move on to the next review, maybe there are friends here who haven’t heard about this one event.

What is the FF Wonderland Collection Event?

The FF Wonderland event is an exciting event that can be participated by all groups. In this event all players can get the opportunity to spin 3 times. Every time you spin, the player can get 1 egg if lucky, the egg can later be exchanged for attractive prizes that have been prepared by Garena.

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You need to know, this one event is very interesting, because you can ask for eggs or eggs from your friends who also participate in this event. Regarding the request process itself, it is very easy where when your friend gives the egg he gets, the egg will turn into a code.

You can enter the code in your FF account and later it will turn into an egg item. For more details, please follow the steps below:

How to Request Eggs / Character Eggs to Friends in FF Wonderland Events

Event Free Fire Wonderland1 - Event FF Wonderland Collection, Tips Ampuh Mendapatkan Bundle

  1. First, please select the “Request” option. Then enter your friends.
  2. When your friend agrees to give you eggs, your friend will get a code from sending the character’s egg.
  3. The results of the code can be sent to the friend who requested it.
  4. Write down the code that was given earlier. Then enter the code in the available options.
  5. Wait until the process is complete.
  6. Later the code will become a character egg.
  7. Done.

The more eggs you collect, the greater your chance to get a gift in the form of a bunny bundle.

Note: This request can only be done when your friend has more than 1 egg, meaning that if your requested friend only has 1 egg, this request cannot be processed.

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One trick that you can use to get eggs faster is to create multiple FF accounts. You can use the new account to follow the next event on the main FF account, we can request eggs to the new account, and so on.

That way you can collect eggs quickly for free. Is there another way to get eggs without asking a friend? Well, of course there is. On this occasion we got lots of codes from eggs that have been successfully given to friends. Because this code has a time limit, please use it now.

Character Egg Code in FF Wonderland Event

  2. 3LCBN7H9
  4. TS8763KH
  5. CNT7SP6K
  6. 8YT4C3D2
  8. 8RZAWAX5
  9. R5VXO23
  10. 6K8G7OTB

Let’s use the codes above before many players out there read this review and use them.

For those of you who don’t know how to spin at this event, let’s just look at the tutorial below.

How to Spin the Wonderland Collection Event

How to Spin the Wonderland Collection1 Event - FF Wonderland Collection Event, Powerful Tips to Get Bundles

  1. First of all, please login to your FF account.
  2. Next, in the menu section, select the news menu, then select Wonderland Collection.
  3. After you enter, please do spin.
  4. You have a chance to spin 3 times.
  5. If after 3 spins you are not lucky then you have to use the eggshell bunny to be able to do the next spin.
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Then how can we get the eggshell bunny? Calm down buddy, you can get it easily.

How to Get Eggshell Bunny

  1. First, please log out of your account.
  2. Next, log in again.
  3. Then please play the Free Fire game as usual.
  4. You will automatically get an eggshell bunny.
  5. Good luck.

After you manage to collect character eggs, of course you are curious about the prizes that Garena has prepared. What are the prizes? let’s just see below.

Hadiah Event FF Wonderland Collection

  1. Bunny sidekick
  2. Bunny EggHunter
  3. Goggles Bunny

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How about friends, very interesting not for us to get. What are you waiting for, let’s join this event before it ends. You need to know that this event only takes place from April 16 – April 26, 2020. Come on, join the event now, don’t miss it, friends.

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